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Staff Members
Steve Ledoux (co-owner)

Steve is the co-owner of the Adirondack Beef Company with his wife Michele. Steve has been in the Livestock/Meat business most of his life and oversees the day to day operations of the farm. Livestock, crops and sales are his specialty.

Michele Ledoux (Co-owner)

Michele is the co-owner of Adirondack Beef Company with her husband Steve. Michele is on A-team sales and does our marketing and computer work including the website. She is Sue's twin sister.

Jake Ledoux (HTFK Highly Trained Farm Kid)

This is our son Jake who is 16 years old. Jake is our Poultry guy and raised all our chickens and turkeys last year. Jake is a huge help on the farm and is really learning to run some of the bigger equipment this year. He is an avid airsoft gamer and likes to drive our "MULE" around the farm.

Camille Ledoux (HTFK Highly Trained Farm Kid)

Camille is our resident animal whisperer and can really relate to animals. She wants to become a large animal veterinarian when she grows up. Camille is 13 and loves her sheep and horse "Peaches".

Sue Thomas (A Team Sales/Social Media)

Sue is Michele's twin sister and is part of the A-Team for sales with Michele, sometimes she's on the B-Team when Steve does the market too. Sue handles our Facebook account and does sales for us. Sue is a vital part of our farm team and helps us keep Tom, Jake, Camille and Casey on track !! 

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