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Our Pork is raised in open airy pens with access to fresh air and sunlight without being overcrowded. They have access 24 hours a day to food and water and get to interact with each other and be pigs ! Our pork tastes like it used to taste and is raised humanely, you'll taste the difference. We have our own Registered Berkshire pigs and raise all our own pigs from piglets to market hogs. 

Pork Chops $7.00/lb. (2 per package)

Pork Loin Roasts $7.00/lb  (halves 3-5 lbs) (wholes 8-10 lbs.)

Pork Shoulders $7.00/lb. (6-9 lbs.) They make AWESOME pulled pork!!

Spare Ribs $5.00/lb.

Wood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon $9.00/lb. (1 lb. pkg.)

Pork Tenderloins $9.00/lb. (whole only 3-4 lbs.)

Picnics $7.00/lb.

Smoked Ham Steaks $6.00/lb. (3-4 lbs. per pkg.)

Boneless Smoked Hams $9.00/lb. ( size varies )

Pork Roasts (Fresh Ham Butt or Shank Portion) $6.50/lb.

Sweet Italian Sausage Links $6.00/lb. 1lb pkg.

Sweet Italian Sausage Bulk 2lb. pkg. $12.00

Breakfast Sausage Links 1lb. pkg. $7.00

Hot Italian Sausage Links $6.00/lb. 1lb. pkg.

Ground Pork $6.00/lb 1 lb. pkg.

Maple Breakfast Sausage Links $6.00/lb. 1lb. pkg.

Kielbasa (beef and pork) $7.50/lb.

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