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Our Pork is raised in open airy pens with access to fresh air and sunlight without being overcrowded. They have access 24 hours a day to food and water and get to interact with each other and be pigs ! Our pork tastes like it used to taste and is raised humanely, you'll taste the difference.

Pork Chops $7.00/lb. (2 per package)

Pork Loin Roasts $7.00/lb  (halves 3-5 lbs) (wholes 8-10 lbs.)

Pork Shoulders $7.00/lb. (6-9 lbs.) They make AWESOME pulled pork!!

Spare Ribs $5.00/lb.

Wood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon $9.00/lb. (1 lb. pkg.)

Pork Tenderloins $9.00/lb. (whole only 3-4 lbs.)

Picnics $7.00/lb.

Smoked Ham Steaks $6.00/lb. (3-4 lbs. per pkg.)

Boneless Smoked Hams $9.00/lb. ( size varies )

Pork Roasts (Fresh Ham Butt or Shank Portion) $6.50/lb.

Sweet Italian Sausage Links $7.00/lb. 1lb pkg.

Sweet Italian Sausage Bulk 2lb. pkg. $14.00

Breakfast Sausage Links 1lb. pkg. $7.00

Hot Italian Sausage Links $7.00/lb. 1lb. pkg.

Ground Pork $6.00/lb 1 lb. pkg.

Maple Breakfast Sausage Links $7.00/lb. 1lb. pkg.

Kielbasa (beef and pork) $7.50/lb.

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