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Our Chicken

Our Chicken is pasture raised and fed a vegetarian diet of grains, protein, vitamins and minerals. No ANTIBIOTICS or GROWTH PROMOTANTS ever used. Our Chicken is lean and delicious without a lot of extra fat, just great tasting and wholesome.

Whole Chickens $4.00/lb. (3.5 to 6 lb. average weight for whole birds)

Half Chickens $4.25/lb. (2-3 lbs average weight)

Quarter Chickens $4.40/lb. (1 wing/breast and 1 leg/thigh  2-3 lbs average weight)

Preorder 10 chickens to fill your freezer for $160.00 in a Chicken Bundle and save $20.00!!

Large orders for chicken BBQ's are also available with advanced notice.

Natural Chicken from Adirondack Beef Company !! 



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