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Our Beef is All Natural w/ NO ANTIBIOTICS or ARTIFICIAL GROWTH PROMOTANTS used in production of our products. Never any fillers or extenders just 100% USDA Inspected Beef for your Family from our Family.

100% Ground Beef $5.50/lb.

100% Ground Beef Patties quarter lb. size $6.50/lb.

Stew Beef $7.00/lb. 2lb pkgs

Beef Brisket $7.00/lb

Chuck or Arm Roast $7.00/lb.

Rump Roast $9.00/lb 

Ribeye/Delmonico Steaks $14.00/lb.

Beef Shanks $6.00/lb.

Tenderloin Steaks/Whole Tenderloins $18.00/lb.

NY Strip Steaks $10.00/lb.

T-Bone/Porterhouse Steaks $14.00/lb.

Sirloin Steaks $10.00/lb.

Sirloin Tip Roasts $9.00/lb.

Bottom Round Roasts/Steaks $9.00/lb.

Eye Round Roast/Steaks $9.00/lb.

Flank Steaks $14.00/lb.

Beef Heart/Tongue $4.50/lb.

Beef Jerky 4oz. pack $9.00

Beef Snack Sticks (2 oz.) 2 packs are $4.50 each and 1 oz. singles   are $2.50 each. (See our holiday gift page for more information on our beef sticks and beef jerky)

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