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Product certifications for Adirondack Beef Company

In this day and age of consumers wanting to be more connected to their food and the farm families that raise it we have updated a lot of our certifications in order to be more transparent with our customers. Here is what we are currently certified under for our meat and eggs.

We are New York Grown and Certified for our Beef, Pork, Poultry and Eggs. Which means we had an environmental audit from our local Soil and Water office to evaluate our farming practices and that we grow and raise all our products here in New York State.

We are also BQA certified which is Beef Quality Assurance and shows that we take proper care with our cattle in regards to herd health and proper handling techniques to insure humane and safe livestock handling. Covers vaccination protocols and animal care.

We are also PQA which is Pork Quality Assurance and covers the same aspects in the beef section but as it relates to pork production with our pigs.

We also have the BQAT which means we have passed the course on safe livestock hauling and handling practices for safe and humane loading and hauling of livestock. This is sort of an addition to our regular BQA.

All our beef and pork is processed under USDA inspection.

All our poultry is processed under NY 5A standards.  

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