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After the Storm 10/31/12

Posted 10/31/2012 6:27am by Steve.

I hope you all made it through the Hurricane OK with no damage or loved ones hurt by the storm. We were in preparation mode getting livestock inside safely and getting things put away and parked in safer places than under the trees in the yard. We moved all the Turkeys indoors as the storm approached to insure their safety and to make sure they weren't blown away into Canada with the storm. You Thanksgiving feast is well protected and safe and I think happy to be out of the rain and strong winds. They all go to get processed  in 2 weeks and with the damp wet weather we are having we will keep them warm, dry and safely indoors till then I think. The cows were all up on high ground and didn't want to come into the barn at all but with a little coaxing with some fancy 2nd cut hay we got them all in and under cover. Thankfully with us remodeling the barn we were in between with lambs and pigs till the next feeders come in, lambs on 11/1/12 and new feeder pigs on 11/7/12 so we had room to get everything indoors except the tractors which spent the storm outside getting washed !! We are now all buttoned up for winter and will finish putting all our equipment away today. The holidays are fast approaching and I'd like to ask you all to order early so we can set aside what you want for your holiday needs. We are now moved to C29 instead of D29 for the winter months starting 11-3-12. Pickups for Turkeys will be 11-17-12  and Christmas orders for turkeys or holiday meats will be 12-22-12 at C29. As always thanks for your business and your support.

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