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Week 1

Posted 4/23/2012 8:50pm by Steve.

Hi Everyone ! Welcome to our new website for the Adirondack Beef Company which we designed to keep you informed and aware of how your food is produced and what's happening on the farm. We always want to improve this website and are always looking to hear from you our customers with suggestions and ideas to make it better. Here we go and welcome to the first farm boy blog you probably ever read.

A lot has happened in the world of agriculture since we were at the Syracuse Regional Market in December. Grain prices softened up a bit making feed a little cheaper but any savings we saw were eaten up by higher diesel and gas prices. Diesel going into crop season doesn't look pretty. The "finely textured beef" scare happened ( aka "pink slime") which made all of us in the beef industry crazy with all the lies and speculation in the media from all the so called "experts" giving their take on the issue. The veterinarian that did the work in the 1990's on approving the practice was never even talked to so it was definately a scary situation. I can tell you that our ADK Natural Ground Beef has NONE of the finely textured beef in it,and with our ADK Ground Beef all you get is meat grown by us here on our farm with nothing added to it. We as my nephew Tom says are responsible for our beef from "conception to digestion". We grow it,Tri Town Packing packages for us under USDA inspection and we sell it directly to you, that's the supply chain from us to you and your family. As safe and wholesome as we can make it with emphasis on quality and the best animal care and sustainable farming practices available to us.

I didn't want to preach to all of you in my first ever blog but I had to set the record straight and let you know where we are coming from with our meat. We feed our family what we sell to you so you can rest assured that we do it right for everyone.

Till next time, take care and we'll see you soon. Steve

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