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A Farmers View - Ag Perspectives From A Livestock Farmer

Posted 8/6/2012 11:32am by Steve.

Right now we are experiencing a severe drought which is impacting the entire country and driving up prices for feed for us and eventually the cost of food for everyone. We have held the pricing on all the meat we raised on the old priced feeds but all the newer Beef ,Pork, Lamb Chicken and Turkeys is costing us a lot more to raise and you will see some increase in prices as we go forward, I just wanted to make you all are aware that waiting to fill your freezers or to order bundles later on will increase your cost . We have 3 whole Beef at the old price of $3.75/lb. hanging and 1 is already spoken for which leaves us 2. We will start the next batch of pigs this month and they will all be on the new pricing when they are done for fall. We are OK for Chicken so far and will hold the price on what's in the freezer. Turkeys will stay at the same price or only slightly higher as we bought a lot of feed and the Turkeys right this year and can pass on the savings.We will not raise the CSA prices to keep it fair and affordable but we will have to put the half shares below 10lbs. a month and the full shares at around 18lbs. a month. We realize that everyone needs to be able to buy affordable food that is high quality and we are trying to make that commitment a reality for all our valued customers. I can tell you that our crop yields on some fields are at 5% or less compared to normal years and we will be tight for forage due to drought. Food will be more expensive next spring so please plan accordingly.

Our country cannot continue with flawed energy policies and "grow" our fuel from corn at the expense of the food producers and consumers. Let your Senators and Congressmen know how you feel and vote accordingly to throw the bums out that continue to get us into this mess just for the sake of politics and to line their own pockets. We need to change our government to work for us again. That's the end of my soapbox speech for this month but I wanted you all to be aware of what was coming in the future. Thanks for your business and support.

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