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Posted 7/1/2012 7:37pm by Steve.

We've been busy here getting hay made for the winter and working on converting some of the older buildings into something usable for our livestock. It hasn't paid very well so far but we are hoping to breathe new life into the old dairy barn as a pig barn and we are getting ready to tear down the old heifer barn to put up a better beef barn/hay storage facility too. We are trying to get it all done before winter hits so we have a little time yet. The CSA is growing steadily and we want to thank everyone who is trying it out so far. Feedback has been positive so far and we are looking to keep it growing. I also wanted to let everyone know that we will be tight on beef this fall so if you want a side or a quarter please let me know so I can plan our inventory better and meet your needs. The turkeys all have feathers and are out on grass now. Jake says it's like watching Velociraptors in Jurrassic Park the way they bob in and out of the grass and weave around. They are doing well and we will have USDA processed turkeys frozen for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year so please order yours as we only have 109 to sell total including the ones we need for our family !!

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